Entertaining Package

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This package featuring Twin Eagles is perfect for entertaining friends and family, offering superior performance, and convenience. With the outdoor bar center, and extra center, you are sure to have everything you need to keep the party going.

30" Twin Eagles Gas Grill, (LP)

Each burner is separated by a zone divider, allowing you to maintain a different cooking temperature in each zone or—for smaller meals—cook from the heat of a single burner. That heat will be retained thanks to the 3/8-inch hexagonal grates, which are made of stainless steel.

13" Twin Eagles Double Side Burners, (LP)

A one-piece stainless steel "S" grate makes it easy to maneuver pots and pans between the burners—which are ideal for cooking side dishes, or keeping sauces warm while your main course is cooking on the grill.

42" Twin Eagles 2-Drawer-Door Combo

The storage drawers are heavy-duty; each is self-latching, with 100 pounds total weight capacity. Each drawer is extra deep, making it ideal to store those oversized grilling utensils.

Twin Eagles 30” Outdoor Bar

This bar also includes a stainless steel bar sink and faucet, making it easy to clean and rinse glasses, cups and bar accessories such as mixers and shakers.

Twin Eagles Margarita Center

The margarita center comes with a built-in GFCI (120V) electrical outlet, allowing you to other appliances that suit your outdoor needs.

Twin Eagles Double Tall Trash Drawer

Eliminate the mess in your outdoor grilling with this double tall trash drawer. This drawer has the capability to hold two larger capacity trash containers, which are included with the purchase of the drawer.

Twin Eagles Paper Towel Drawer with Towel Bar

The exterior of the drawer, which is made of stainless steel similar to what is used to construct Twin Eagles grills, is built to last. The drawer's handle also doubles as a towel bar.

Twin Eagles 24” Drop-In Cooler

With enough space to hold up to 60 bottles or 25 pounds of ice, you will have enough room to accommodate any size of gathering.



Twin Eagles 30” Gas Grill – $3533.72

Twin Eagles Side Burners – $1277.91

Twin Eagles Door/2 Drawer Combo – $1417

Twin Eagles Outdoor Bar 30” – $1870.93

Twin Eagles Margarita Center – $487.21

Twin Eagles Double Tall Trash Bin – $894.19

Twin Eagles Paper Towel Drawer with Towel Bar – $347.67

Twin Eagles Drop-in Cooler – $1626.74


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