Budget Package

From: $5,036.00

This package features Lion products that are affordable for your outdoor kitchen, offering quality, performance, and durability. With this package, get what you want, and stay within your budget.

Lion L75000 Grill LP

Made of 304-gauge commercial grade stainless steel, it has all the space (830 square inches of cooking surface) and power (75,000 BTUs) you will need for your next outdoor feast.


Lion Double Side Burner LP – optional

Each burner produces 15,000 BTUs or a combined power of 30,000 BTUs. A convertible grate between the burners also functions as a wok grate.

Lion 4.5 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator – optional

The 4.5 cubic feet of storage provides plenty of room to store all the ingredients necessary whether you are cooking a small meal or a feast for the masses.

Lion Double Door w/ Towel Rack – optional

Measuring 33" X 22", these double doors can be installed into a wide variety of cabinets or islands as a simple way to provide an additional storage option for your outdoor kitchen.

Lion Multi Functional Bin – optional

The drawer is constructed of 16-gauge commercial grade stainless steel, the same sort of high-quality stainless steel used to build every Lion grill.


Lion L75000 Grill

Lion Double Side Burner

Lion 4.5 CU Ft. Stainless Steel Compact Fridge

Lion Double Door w/ Towel Rack

Lion Multi-functional Bin


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