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Why You Should Install Outdoor Lighting

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Lighting is an obvious feature for inside a home but is often untrue of the outside. Not only does outdoor lighting help improve the safety of your home but also adds ambiance to outdoor living areas. Here is an in-depth look at why you should install outdoor lighting to your landscape.


The darkness around your property brings many dangers to you and your home. When paths and stairs are not well lit, people are more likely to fall from not being able to see. Outdoor lighting or even stair lighting will allow people to see better, and avoid falling over objects that may be in their path.

Deter thieves

Outdoor lighting, specifically floodlights, significantly reduce the likelihood of theft on or around your property. Although outdoor lighting is helpful in this manner, too much is not good either; it wastes energy. Instead, install floodlights with sensors so that the lights only come on when there is motion detected. You could also use timers to set an on and off time for your outdoor lights.

Add functionality

Well lite outdoor spaces are more enjoyable and functional. With properly installed lighting around your landscape, you can enjoy your property long after the sun goes down. Covered porches can be nicely lit with recessed lighting. If you have stairs or a walkway, accent lighting can be dim, yet still useful. There are many other options such as decorative scones or post lighting that adds a distinctive design, as well as lighting, to your space.

These are several reasons why you should add outdoor lighting to your property. Not only will you help keep you and your home safe but you can enjoy your landscape well into the night.

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