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Which is Best Gas or Charcoal

gas or charcoalBristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, TN

Charcoal or gas? This remains the hottest—no pun intended—debate among grilling enthusiasts. Let’s go to the tale of the tape to break down this battle of the barbecues!

Grills powered by gas or propane turn on faster and heat quicker. The heat source also can be modified with greater ease, allowing you to cook multiple types of food perfectly at the same time.

On the other hand, many grilling experts—even those who use gas—agree that charcoal adds a unique flavor to its meats than even a seasoned gas grill cannot match. Many charcoal grills also have the option to convert into smokers, creating slow-cooked, smoky-flavored barbecue.

Gas grills may seem to cost less because a single tank of propane should provide enough fuel for at least 20 grilling sessions. By contrast, a charcoal grill may require an entire bag of coals depending on the size of the meal and the crowd. Modern ceramic charcoal grills also can use lump charcoal as a heat source. Lump charcoal is high-heat, all-natural and contains no accelerants. It costs more per bag, but lump charcoal lasts longer and produces better-tasting meat. Also, lump charcoal briquettes can be saved for future grilling.

Before purchasing a grill, assess your grilling needs and compare those with the pros and cons of the different types of grills. No matter which grill you choose, we suggest that you opt for a brand name product with a solid warranty.

Whether you prefer charcoal or gas, Promier Outdoors can install a state-of-the-art grill as part of your outdoor kitchen, which is a popular new landscape trend. From the initial design phase, all the way through post-construction cleanup, our staff will work with you to provide the perfect outdoor kitchen area. Call us at (423) 246-7977 to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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